VistaPrint vs. Imagine R Power

Posted: 28th March 2012 by Forte in Business Development Tools

I have used VistaPrint in the past, but I believe you get what you pay for; VistaPrint provided me with a very inferior product when it came to their card stock.  I compared it to Imagine R‘s card stock and there was no question Imagine R Power was better. Then with VistaPrint’s 7 to 14 day turnaround made it very inconvenient for me and my employees. Imagine R provided me with a great card stock , terrific customer service, and provided a 2 to 4 day turnaround on my cards and it was just a few dollars more, I believe it was worth it.

Imagine R provides great layout templates for all types of printing requirements. Using Imagine R Power “Certified Templates” ensures proper, speedy, accurate production of your job through our specially-created automation systems.

They also provided me with a “FREE” layout evaluation and when a problem was detected, they had no hesitation in replying back to me regarding the problem and providing the quickest solution to resolve the issue. Those guys do a great job and provided a terrific service. From customer service to quality of their products, I give them two thumbs up.

I’m the type of person that believes their marketing material is a reflection on their company’s public image. So I am willing to pay a little more for  a more superior public representation. I recommend you giving a try and I believe right now their offering a 10%off discount on all their commercial printing products.