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Sam Walker - Kincaid, Oregon
I wanted to tell others about this great real estate software, this CRM came at a great time for us. It helped us grow our database and close more deals and organize more leads. This software provided us with the support and knowledge I felt was needed for us to be successful. With this software, it helped us track our new team's performance and maintained leads and team tasks, right out the box. Which in return helped us stay on the same page and we closed more deals. So thanks for the great software and I would recommend this to anyone in a similar situation!
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Rachel Richardson - Kansas City, Missouri
I wanted to know how your guy's CRM software is a "game changer" for the Real Estate industry and why!
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Kimmy Getright - Customer Service Assistant
Hey Rachel, our CRM software is the solution that others have over looked, we have brought both the real estate industry and great customer relations together under one roof. Which will help you track, organize, and maintain leads to close more deals. We made improvements on other CRM's that are out there today. No matter if you are a realtor or an investor, or even a property manager; our software provides support for them all. Our solution builds on technology you use daily (such as the Web, email, Google Apps, and more) and helps you work smarter and more effectively, so you can focus on what matters most. "The People"!
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Debbie C. Staten Island, New York
As a new realtor my first year was pretty rough, I was told about all these different helpful sites and used most of them. But keeping track of all my leads that where coming from many different sources, which gave me many different places I had to gather my information, made getting back with my leads very time consuming. But ones I found this software my workflow has been cut in half. Thank
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